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Street traders licence scotland.

1 Street Traders Licensing Guidance Orkney Islands Council Civic GovernmentScotland) Act 1982 The following notes are a brief outline of the requirements for

You need a street trader licence if you want to sell goods or provide a service in a public place You do not need a street trader licence for. A street trader licence is needed by any person who carries on street trading, to any person in a public place in or from a vehicle Police Scotland.

You may need a licence from the local council to work as a street trader in Scotland. Find out which licences you might need for your business in Scotland.

Information on applying for a Street trader s licence Business licences Street trader s Your application will be copied and sent to Police Scotland.

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West Lothian Council operates a licensing scheme for street traders which is A street trader s licence is street traders should be made to Police Scotland.

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To operate as a street trader you may need a licence from the local authority A street trading licence is not required for: the sale of newspapers only. You need a Street Trader Operator s Licence or Street Trader Employee Licence to sell goods in a public place.

Information on how to apply for a Street Trader s Licence under the Civic GovernmentScotland) Act 1982. Licence type: Street trader licence Who should apply Anyone who sells goods or services on the street Definitions and more.

A Street trading licenceEngland and Wales known as a street trader s licence in Scotland, is a legal requirement to vend goods and services on the streets of the UK.

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