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Stock options or shares.

Employee Stock Options: Tax Treatment , Tax Issues Congressional Research Service Summary The practice of granting a company s employees options to.
A detailed discussion of employee stock options, stock appreciation rightsSARs , restricted stock, phantom stock, employee stock purchase plansESPPs

This article discusses the pros and cons of stock options vs shares for employees of Canadian private and public companies The taxation issues are poorly. Introduction Options are financial instruments that can provide you, the individual investor, with the flexibility you need in almost any investment situation you.

A class of ownership that has a higher claim on assets and earnings than common stock is preferred stock. The Nasdaq Stock Market website, featuring stock quotes, analysis, financials, company news, market information as well as investing tools and guides.

Compensation: Incentive Plans: Stock Options Theright" to purchase stock at a given price at some time in the future Stock Options come in two types.

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